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" A pIece for peace" for Mindanao Peace Week

Project Title:
Explicit and Implicit Art Expressions

The title suggests exposing two faces of expression in art which are conveying meaning explicitly (directly) and implicitly (indirectly). Lie beneath is also the sense of giving importance to pieces of art to express the whole thing about “Peace”.

The participating artists would exhibit diverse artwork and expression of peace that would leave the audience thinking on their own the meaning of peace. Thus, challenging them to take their part in achieving it within themselves and their community.

Every individual has his/her own understanding and notion for peace. Others think of it as the absence of war and chaos, some look at it as anything that could stand still, calm and unruffled amidst difficulty and turmoil. However, whatever meaning we coin with it, our attempt of defining signifies our consciousness necessary for achieving peace.

Project Concept:

The process of art making is a result of conversation of artists on peace process. It appeals for a response, a request, a point of inquiry, a point of convergence, a point where one has to share his/her part. It calls for participation. It adheres a moment of reflection on Peace.

The peace concepts of the participating artists are based on their personal experiences/insights/perspectives. During the art making process, the following questions were given considerations by the artists:

1. How do you process experiences and transform this experience into symbols?
2. How do you infuse peace concept and sustain this peace in art making?
3. How do you utilize art as a vehicle for conflict resolution and as a means for people to live their lives in peace?

December is the celebration of Mindanao Peace Week. It is celebrated annually from the last Thursday of November to the first Wednesday of December. This art exhibition is the contribution of “Hikut-Hungihong” art collective that aims to:
· participate on the celebration of peace week;
· to provide an alternative venue for artists/ students/faculty in assessing peace;
· to be able to draw out concepts, ideas, activities, initiatives on peace thru art;
· to instill the culture of peace thru arts;
· to evoke the spirit of peace in the audience by connecting to their longing of change;
· to awaken significant meaning of peace by putting even the most mundane experience of peace into art expression;
to be able to characterize the components of peace: inner peace, peace with others and peace with nature;
to conduct an art workshop about peace.

Schedule of Activities

Submission of Concept Paper: October 30, 2008 - 8AM - 7PM
c/o:Norman F. Narciso Hikot-hungihong Art Collective
0920-2246700 noynarciso2004@yahoo.com

Submission of Art work: November 23, 2008 – 8:00 AM- 5 PM

Installation date: November 23, Sunday up to Nov. 26

Exhibit dates: November 27 up to December 27, 2008

Opening of Exhibit: November 27, 2008 Thursday Opening time: 4 PM

Mini-Concert:: November 27, 2008 Thursday 7PM

End of Exhibit: December 27, 2008 Thursday

Art Workshop schedule: to be scheduled
Art Forum Schedule: to be scheduled
Mini-Concert : after the opening exhibit

Target Audience: students, teachers, non-teaching staff, student artists, cultural workers, etc.

People Involved:
1. HCDC museum In- charge: Arnold Barillo
2. Exhibitor background: Hikot-hungihong is a multi-disciplinary art collective.
Members are:
a. Mae Tautho – Theater/ assemblage
b. Krishna Zabate – Theater/installation art
c. Ding-dong Milgo – Installation/sculpture
d. Paolo Sandalo - Writer
e. Dhel Dilangalen - Theater
f. Nonoy Narciso – Performing arts/ Visual arts
Sessional /Guest Artists
a. Don Pagusara – Poet/Writer: Palanca Awardee
b. Mac Tiu – Poet/Writer: Palanca Awardee
c. Clarisse Ampo- Writer
d. Jeff Bangot- Visual Artist
e. Randy Adlawan – Visual Artist
f. Raul Bendit –Visual/Performing Artist
g. Jun Porlares – Visual Artist (Tagum City)
h. Digos City Visual Artists( Thru Lenaur Abot)

3. Sponsors: Not yet identified

Things to be covered by the sponsors: (not yet identified)
1. cocktails
2. exhibit guide
3. souvenir programs
4. tarpaulin for exhibit concept and for ads
5. documentation
6. snacks during workshop
7. materials for the workshop
8. Invitations

1. Consultation with Museum (initial talk/ initial schedule)
2. Submission of Concept Paper
3. Concept development
4. Press Release/ Posters
5. Art-making
6. Critiquing
7. Documentation
8. Installation ( Documentation, with hanging provisions, labels)
9. Exhibition/ Opening ceremony/ evaluation
10. Art Forum
11. Art Workshops
12. Evaluation

Museum Expected Counter-part:
1. Venue (lights)
2. LCD during the opening ceremony
3. LCD/ CPU/ Sound system during Art forum
4. Venue for Workshops
5. Certificates
6. Press releases
7. Posters
8. Audience in the Exhibition
9. Materials for the workshop ( coffee, Oslo, Chinese brush, tissue, plastic containers as mixing pad) for high school/elementary /secondary/tertiary
10. materials for college workshop Oslo paper and black ballpen

Exhibitor Counter-part:
1. Exhibit/ Concepts/ Ideas
2. Art Forum for students
3. Art Workshops for high school/elementary /secondary ( minimal workshop honoraria)
4. Exhibit Guide Content
5. Curatorial Concept
Artistic and Technical Guidelines:

Concept paper Format :
v Concept paper content (short bond / 12 font size/Arial)
v Name of the artist
v Title
v Brief description of work
v Dimensions
v Date
v Sketches or design

Art Format:
v Prose/Poetry (open language)
v Sculptural ( any medium)
v Assemblage
v Painting ( open medium)
v Sound Installation
v Interactive art
v Experimental Film

v no minimum and maximum size of the works
v prose and poetry will be incorporated with images
v the exhibit area is about 10 by 10 meters ,
v 12 ft.ceiling
v with 3 panels, 1.5 x 4 x 9 ft

D. Lights
v it has average type halogen lights
v it has lights installed for center pieces and along the sides

v Participants must submit a minimum of 1 page concept paper and studies or sketches.
v Participating Artist work must be ready for exhibition and with hanging provision such hook and nylon
v Artists must prepare notes or guidelines in handling their works.
v Participating artists should have identified dimension and mediums
v Price of the work
v There must be complete info. (Name of the artist, title of the work, size, medium) at the back of the work

F. Entry per artist: A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 works per artist; or a collaborative work

Hikot-hungihong Art Collective – Background:

The Hikot-Hungihong started with a Music Performance \focusing on peace music or brief encounters on September 15, 2005 at the Ateneo de Davao University. The Hikot- Hungihong other disciplines are community theatre, basic visual, Theatre and writing workshops.

Hikot-Hungihong’s performances are usually school and community based which is educational by nature, conducting lecture-demon-mini concerts and conducting talks and workshops.

Performances of the group:

Peace music - September 15, 2005 at the Ateneo de Davao University

GKK of Brgy. Bato Sta. Cruz Musical Extravaganza - Kanto interaksyon –Purok Pag-asa , Bato Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur October 13, 2007

Entablado of AB Department/ Mass Comm/ MC 6 Holy Cross of Davao College\

Guest -Kuyaw GMA 7

Featured Muzika del sur

“Panday -Tulay” Agusan Norte Capitol Grounds/ Park Butuan City May 13-16 , 2008- Installation Art Exhibition- Tribung Patik-National Commission for Culture and the Arts- Committee on Visual Arts
participation: Curator as Norman F. Narciso and Harvey Milgo-as participant

Art in Labor – Holy Cross of Davao College Museum May 1 – June 2008

Global Warming: Local Warning – Shift Happens August 30, 2008 Peoples park with Entablado – Theater Theories and production Class of HCDC –

Krishna Mie C. Zabate
Performing Artist /Researcher / NGO Worker
Address: Peace Avenue, Bangkal, Davao City
Contact no: 09109389100
Email address: vishnu1085@yahoo.com
Nickname: Krish
Birthplace: Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur
Birthdate: October 08, 2008
Education: Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Social Studies
Profession: part-time teacher (Ateneo de Davao University)/
Primary Medium/Secondary medium: theater arts/performance arts/poetry-performed/tula-dula
Art Exhibits/ Activities: Sabakan(AdDU), Kanto Interaksyon(AdDU),

Dhel rajsol b. dilangalen
Performing Artist
Address: Lizada Toril , Davao City
Contact no: 092114884012
Email address: dhelsef_gk@yahoo.com
Nickname: dhel, abok, basik
Birthplace:Davao CIty
Birthdate: January 23, 1985

Education: Bachelor of Secondary Education, Gen. Sci units in Sociology
Ateneo de Davao University
Profession: Teacher
Primary Medium/Secondary medium: theater arts/performance arts/singing,poetry-performed/
Art Exhibits/ Activities: Sabakan, Sto. Tomas Dvo del Norte,Kanto Interaksyon, Citywide SK Youth Congress Davao City –October 2007 ,Babayi CAP Aug 2006, Babayi Panabo Gym Oct. 2007

Mae Kritsten L. Tautho
Performing Artist
Address: Mitsui Bussan Village Bajada , Davao City
Contact no: 09197446893
Email address: mae_tautho@yahoo.com
Nickname: mae
Birthplace: Davao City
Birthdate: May 2, 1985
Education: BS Ed General Science
Graduate Studies: MA- Special Education USEP
Profession: Teacher
Primary Medium/Secondary medium: theater arts/performance arts / poetry-performed/tula-dula
Art Exhibits/ Activities: Sabakan, Sto. Tomas Dvo del Norte ,Kanto Interaksyon ,Citywide SK Youth Congress Davao City –October 2007 , babayi CAP Aug 2006, BABAYI Panabo Gym Oct. 2007, Gising-Kabataan 2002-2004, Radio Program DXRP Anchor 2002-2004,

Harvey “dingdong’ Milgo
Medical Transcriptionist/ Installation Artist/ Performing Artist
Address: Cory Village, Dacudao Davao City
Contact no: 0906 -2045538
Email address:
Nickname: ding dong
Birthplace: Davao City
Birth date: November 8, 1977
Education: Bachelor of Arts– Mass Communication – Holy Cross of Davao College .( HCDC Alumni High school)
Profession: Full-time Artist , Sessional Instrumentalist
Primary Medium/Secondary medium: Instrument maker, theater arts/performance arts / poetry-performed/tula-dula/ instrumentalist
Art Exhibits/ Activities: Experimental film 1999 with Entablado 21 of HCDC MCC, Tungko HCDC , Hikut-hungihong September 2005, ,HCDC Golden Jubilee 2000- instrumentalist,

Paolo Andreo M. Sandalo
Business Supervisor / Writer
Address: 456 Burgos St. B.O. Obrero .Dacudao Davavo City
Contact no: 09206200226
Email address: p_sandalo@yahoo.com
Nickname: paolo
Birthplace: Davao City
Birthdate: January 25, 1984
Education: Bachelor of Arts– Mass Communication – Ateneo de Davao University
Profession: Corporate
Primary Medium/Secondary medium: Poetry/ prose / writer/ music
Art Exhibits/ Activities: Hikut-hungihong September 2005, Babayi CAP Aug 2006. Published in Newspaper, PIA Articles, Dagmay, Ateneo Writers’ Workshop

Norman F. Narciso
Artists Profile /Curator
Address: Tropical Sr. D.D.F. Village, Mandug, Davao City
Contact no: 0920-2246700
Email address: noynarciso2004@yahoo.com
Nickname: noy, nonoy
Birthplace: Davao City
Birthdate: September 14,1975
Education: Bachelor of Arts –English HCDC
Profession: Full-time Teacher (Humanities 1 - Ateneo de Davao University) Part-time teacher (Hum.1 and MC 6 Theatre Arts –Holy Cross of Davao College )
Primary Medium/Secondary medium: Pen and Ink , oil , acrylic, clay, found objects ,construction, theater arts/performance arts / poetry-performed/tula-dula, movement choreography, song writing
Art Statement: Art is realization of time .

Documented Performances/ Works/ Exhibit:

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