Thursday, August 21, 2008

Global Warming: Local Warning- Shift Happens

Global Warming: Local Warning- Shift Happens
An advocacy / Performance art by Entablado and Hikut-Hungihong Art Collective

· “The issue on Global Warming has been a cliché for such a long. Cliché because it is a disturbing issue with an urgent need to be addressed. Yet a cliché – because it had been overly discussed and loosely used. Global warming as a cliché mirrors a warning that the information spread globally seems to have slipped in the concerns of local groups and individual citizens. Local warming: Local Warning! This art endeavor attempts top stir up and re-awaken the awareness.”
· The Entablado (Theater Theories Class production to HCDC) and Hikut-hungihong art collective is proud to announce the 2nd launching of their Performance art on Global Warming in Davao People’s Park at 4PM on August 30, Saturday .
· The Performance Art is entitled, “Global Warming: Local Warning-Shift Happens!” The show will highlight the performance art pieces of entablado: “Ice”-by Emman Tengga and to be performed by Jad Pascua, “pas-ana imong sala”by Lindley Rebuyon. It also features the Dula-tula (poetry-performed) entitled “espasyo” of Nonoy narciso, to be performed by the entablado, a three (3) interactive performance of Entablado entitled “Tubig”, “Magtuki kita ug espasyo” and “eroplano”. In addition, a performance art by Mae Tautho in “Hinugasan”, ‘Hikut’ by Ding Milgo and “Kamatis” performed by by Juevel Leones.
· The purpose of this performance is to provoke re-awaken and sustain the persistent, honest, intensifying, consistent, awareness and consciousness amongst the viewers or community where we conduct or mount /exhibit and performance.
· The relevance of this activity is to be able to convey message of global warming through interactive art. To enhance and deepen the sensibility and sensitivity of the participants.
· The performance is curated by the Hikut-hungihong art collective: ding-dong Milgo, mae Tautho,Krishna Zabate. Paolo Sandalo, dhel dilangalen and nonoy Narciso (with sessional performers: Janus Pascua and Juevel Leones.
· The Hikut-Hungihong is an art collective based in Davao city .While, entabaldo is a school-based theater group / MC 6 Theater class.
· Entablado performers: Loila Avila, Leah mae bunani, Raven Anroe Cajes, Queen Abigail Cañedo, Jean Claire Cornelio, Josephine Dahang, Jammid Dawal, Princess Dianne Dela Cerna, Irene Dela Cruz, Sheryll Faith Dela peña, Jer Anthony Enrile, Kevin Jan Fruto, Liezl Gabatino, Jerusa Mae Gumban, Jufil John GumbanPrecious marie Gumban , JennyLyn Pinto, Lindley Rebuyon, May Cyndi Remerata, Mark Lloyd Revilla, Emmanuel Tengga, Crista Joy Tipactipac, Daren tormis, Laarne Torreon, Kathy Kyle Tupas, Carlos Neiko Villamero
· Performance art is an art form in which artists become participants in their won work of art and often combine elements of theatre, music, and the visual arts. The performance art gained widespread recognition in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. ( Oxford Art terms Michael Clarke 2001)
· The spontaneous interaction amongst artists developed a ritual or an abstract re-enactment of offering and setting the mood or ambiance of transcendental state. Bringing the audience into the leap of imagination.
· According to Yuan Mor‘O Ocampo - a leading performance artist in the Philippines define performance art as confrontational –meaning provocative performance that should somehow be done with a specialized audience.
· Meaning, performance art is as just delicate and dangerous. It provokes the sensibility of the audience on this new art form. It would either end as an intervention, to impress, a mediocre one or open a new door of appreciation.
· To deepen our perspective on this new art form, Helen Gilbert (performance Analysis, 2001) states that,” Performance does utilize a wider range of semiotic systems in production of meaning.”
·This act of Borrowing, appropriation and owning and even claiming seems to be the merging practice amongst artist who found this performance art as a new language, not as a means as a new medium but becomes somehow a means of expression, raw nor planned, nor weak nor strong, nor wherein caught between mediocrity and … the act itself is an exploration. The improvisation seems to become an alternative expression of schooled nor self-taught, born nor created artists….
· Yet, if it is too abstract might end up a cliché … for its symbols are to abstract that it will not reach the lowest intelligence. For its symbols are too abstract that it cannot be grasped or it would just come out that the performance is unripe, lacks in depth study and or the artist was not able to develop and simplified art symbol out of its complex formation. A trying hard…wanted to be intellectual.
· Thus, re-awakening the local community on its responsibility towards the global issue. Global warming.
· Upcoming Performances for August and September at the Ateneo de Davao University and Mandug Christian Development and Training Center.
· For reservations please contact: Noy- (0920-2246700)
· Save ! Recycle! and Re-use!

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